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Thanks for coming!

A big thank you to all the speakers, participants and cooperation partners who joined us in Berlin for helping us to make the congress "5 years living with Fukushima - 30 years living with Chernobyl" a great success. Such a congress lives and breathes through its participants.

Documentation of the Congress

We are uploading the speeches and presentations from the congress as soon as we have the authorisation from all the speakers. This will take a few days before all of them have been received and made into web PDFs. You can already find pictures on our flickr page here.


Friday, February 26th

7.30 pm 
Opening event| German / English
5 years living with Fukushima - 30 years living with Chernobyl

Living with the nuclear threat

Dr. Alex Rosen, paediatrician, Deputy Chair of IPPNW Germany

Mako and Ken Oshidori, japanese entertainers
Michael Leontchik, musician
Alexander Tetsch, independent photo journalist

Anniversaries of Hope
Jonathan Frerichs, consultant, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, World Council of Churches, United Nations representative in Geneva, Pax Christi International

"Nuclear power? No thanks!" Greetings from IPPNW around the world (video, 1.52 mins)

Saturday, February 27th,

9.00 am
Plenary 1  | German / English 
Dangers of ionising radiation

Risk of ionising radiation. an introduction (slide presentation, PDF 7.1 MB)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann, Institute for Community Medicine at the University of Greifswald (UMG)

30 years after Chernobyl: medical-demographic situation in Buda-Koshelevo district of Gomel region of Belarus, affected by Chernobyl disaster
(speech, PDF, 1 MB) (Audio)
Dr. Sergey Korsak, Head of the Buda-Koshelevo District Polyclinic (health facility), Deputy Chairman of the Buda-Koshelevo District Charitable Foundation "Help the Children of Chernobyl", Belarus

Health consequences of Fukushima (speech), PDF 40 KB) (slide presentation, PDF, 0.5 MB) (Audio)
Prof. Dr. Toshihide Tsuda, Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Environmental Epidemiology Okayama University, Japan

10.30 am - 11.45 am 

F 1 | German / English
30 Years Later: Health Effects from Health Effects from Chernobyl
(slide presentation, PDF, 2 MB) (Audio)
Dr. Ian Fairlie, consultant on radiation in the environment, London, UK
Ljudmilla Maruschkevitch, charitable foundation "Children of Chernobyl", Belarus

F 2
| German
Health and genetic effects of ionising radiation 
Prof. Dr. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, German Society for Radiation Protection
Teratogenic radiation effects: Perinatal mortality and congenital malformations following Chernobyl (slide presentation, PDF 0,5 MB)     Abstract (PDF, 0.1 MB)
Dr. Alfred Körblein, independent researcher on low-dose ionising radiation

F 3
| English
Recent Developments Concerning Impacts To Non-Human Biota in Fukushima (slide presentation, PDF, 7MB) (Audio)
Prof. Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Biological Sciences Department, University of South Carolina, USA

F 4 | German
Leave it in the ground
Campaign for a Global Ban on Uranium Mining
Claus Biegert, Nuclear Free Future Award

F 5 | German
Hibakusha worldwide 
Dr. Alex Rosen, Deputy Chair of IPPNW Germany

12:15 am - 1.00 pm 

F 6 | German / English
5 years living with Fukushima

Perinatal mortality in Japan after Fukushima (slide presentation, PDF 0.2 MB)
Dr. Alfred Körblein, independent researcher on low-dose ionising radiation (German)

Exposure Status of Workers After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident (slide presentation, PDF, 445 KB) (Audio)
Mako Oshidori, Japanese journalist

Prof. Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Biological Sciences Department, University of South Carolina, USA (for presentation see F3)

F 7
| English
Prospects for independent research following the Fukushima Daiichi accident (slide presentation, PDF, 252 KB)
Dr. Keith Baverstock, former head of WHO’s European Radiation Protection Programme, lecturer at the Department of Environmental Science, University of Eastern Finland

F 8
| English
Social impacts on the populations affected by Chernobyl
and Fukushima

Tatjana Semenchuk, Wiltscha, Ukraine
Social situation of the populations affected by Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident (speech, PDF, 75 KB)
Prof. Masae Yuasa,  Faculty of International Studies, Hiroshima City University

F 9
| German
Decommissioning nuclear power plants and disarmament 
Prof. Dr. Andreas Nidecker, radiologist, PSR/IPPNW Schweiz
Dr. Jean-Jacques Fasnacht, President of PSR/IPPNW Switzerland
Dr. Jörg Schmid, IPPNW Germany

1:50-2:20 pm
Side Events

SE 1 | English
Congenital malformations in Rivne Polossia and the Chernobyl Accident (video, 32 mins, not shown at congress)
Prof. Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki, physician, geneticist, founder and former head of the Department of Medical Genetics of the University of South Alabama, USA

SE 2 | English
Presentation of the Japanese preserving deciduous teeth network (english)
Prof. Chihiro Ichihara, Aichi Medical University, Japan

2:30 pm
Plenary 2 | German / English
The nuclear industry – on its way to becoming a nuclear waste industry?
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Irrek, Institute of Energy Systems and Energy Management, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West, Bottrop
Outlook for the Energy Revolution
Tobias Jaletzky, Eurosolar

4.30 pm-6.00 pm

F 10
| German / English
Energy revolution – citizens and corporations
Tobias Jaletzky, Managing Director of Eurosolar

Energy policy in Japan (Audio)
Tomoyuki Takada, Japanese anti-nuclear activist
Japan’s Energy “Backlash” with rising community power as small hope (slide presentation, PDF, 1.5 MB) (Audio)
Dr. Tetsunari Iida, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Chuo, Tokio, Japan

F 11
| German
Energy, war and peace
Claudia Haydt, sociologist, Information Centre on Militarisation (Informationsstelle Militarisierung - IMI)
Henrik Paulitz, consultant on nuclear energy, IPPNW Germany

F 12
| German
Nuclear waste and generational justice

Susanne Kallenbach-Herbert, head of department of nuclear technology and installation safety, German Ecology Institute (Öko-Institut e.V.)
Ursula Schönberger, working group „Schacht Konrad“

F 13
| German
Phase-out of nuclear power in Europe 
Mycle Schneider, energy consultant and nuclear analyst, Paris
Matthias Weyland, .ausgestrahlt

F 14
| German
Nuclear phaseout and the nuclear facilities in Gronau and Lingen 
Peter Bastian, Aktionsbündnis Münsterland gegen Atomanlagen &
Irene Thesing, ContrAtom
Otto Jäckel, IALANA

8.00 pm 
Film screening:
directed by Ian Thomas Ash
2016, Japan, 80 minutes
Introduction by Dr. Alex Rosen, IPPNW

This work-in-progress screening of the latest film about the Fukushima nuclear disaster by Ian Thomas Ash (In the Grey Zone, 2012, and A2-B-C, 2013), is a collection of some of the dozens of oral histories he has collected since the nuclear disaster in 2011. Previously unpublished footage from his two feature documentaries about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which contain meanings that only passing time could have revealed, are combined with the testimonies he has filmed since, spanning the nearly five years since the nuclear catastrophe.

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

9:30 am Plenary 3 | German / English
Courting Armageddon (Audio)
Dr. Helen Caldicott, paediatrician, author, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) and Nuclear Policy Research Institute, USA, Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW), Australia
The rocky road to the energy revolution

Ursula Sladeck, Schönau Power Station (EWS)

11.00 am
In Memory of Robert Jungk (Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich)
Hermann Scheer
(Dr. Peter Becker)
Hans-Peter Dürr
(Claus Biegert)

11:20 am
Panel discussion | German / English
Phasing nuclear power out worldwide: what should we do?
Ursula Sladeck, Schönau Power Station (EWS)
Mycle Schneider, energy consultant and nuclear analyst, Paris
UK new nuclear energy debate (slide presentation, PDF, 372 KB)
Sean Morris, Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Manchester, UK
Prof. Dr. Rolf Dieter Kreibich, researcher in future studies and sustainability

12:45 am
Closing ceremony | German / English


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Health effects of ionising radiation

Summary of the expert meeting in Ulm, Germany on October 19th, 2013

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